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    Are you ready for Sex and Relationship Education that you can apply immediately to your own lives? Through open and honest dialogue, we will dive together into our world, where we will explore thought provoking ideas that will guide you into a new way of thinking. These courses were designed for anyone who wants to lead a healthier, more sexually fulfilling life.

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  • Magazine


    Sexuality is complex. It’s multifaceted. And this magazine is no different. We share the spectrum of sexuality. Committed to providing modern, relevant and reliable sexology information in all its complexity, from an inclusive and sex-positive perspective.

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  • Radical Weekend

    Radical Weekend

    Experience a weekend of exploration, reflection and action. Travel to Chicago or Toronto where we dedicate an entire weekend to working with you to understand and heal underlying trauma, dysfunction and other stumbling blocks that are stopping you from achieving the sex life or relationships you desire & deserve.

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  • Consultations


    Are you interested in bypassing the course offerings and instead having direct access to either Jo or Kelly in a one-on-one coaching format? A consultation can help break down barriers and give practical tools and expertise to create the changes you crave.

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  • Attend


    Talks, workshops, retreats, and trainings around the globe. We’re always planning more exciting events for you! Stay tuned for what’s coming up and check out our calendar for updates.

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  • Speaking


    Kelly and Jo are dynamic speakers who encourage individuals to embrace and explore their sexuality and the role that it plays in their lives and in their relationships. They are honest, accessible, and entertaining, while sharing their sexology knowledge with audiences of all sizes, backgrounds, and ages.

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